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Community State Bank has just the right account for you. Each account is designed to assist our customers in a simplistic and straightforward manner with their everyday needs in mind. Please feel free to view all of our available accounts and determine which best fits your needs.

Rates effective as of August 10, 2020.



Table Overview of all Accounts
 Minimum to OpenMinimum to Obtain APYInterest RateA.P.Y.
Now Checking AccountMinimum to Open$1000.00Minimum to Obtain APY$1000.00Interest Rate.05%A.P.Y..05%
Passbook SavingsMinimum to Open$0.00Minimum to Obtain APY$.01Interest Rate.10%A.P.Y..10%
Money Market SavingsMinimum to Open$1000.00Minimum to Obtain APY$1000.00Interest Rate.20%A.P.Y..20%
Money Market SavingsMinimum to Open$1000.00Minimum to Obtain APY$.01Interest Rate.10%A.P.Y..10%

Certificates of Deposit

Table Overview of the Certificate of Deposit accounts available.
 Interest RateA.P.Y
6 MonthsInterest Rate.35%A.P.Y.35%
12 MonthsInterest Rate.50%A.P.Y.50%
24 MonthsInterest Rate.75%A.P.Y.75%
Special -
No Specials Available
Interest RateA.P.Y


A Table with information about the IRA account
 Interest RateA.P.Y.
IRAInterest Rate.75%A.P.Y..75%

* A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield

*Substantial Penalty will be imposed for early Withdrawals

*Community State Bank neither solicits nor accepts out of state Commercial Deposits

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